Frequently Asked Questions

Because you want to know who your bringing through your doors. Employers know how important their staff is to the success of their business. And property managers want to keep their properties and other tenants safe.

Sources of information include: Municipal, Federal and Superior Courts, previous employers, colleges and universities, the State Worker’s Comp, and applicable credit bureaus. In the case of Motor Vehicle Records (MVR), we receive our information from an outside supplier that gets its material directly from the states on a daily basis.

In every way! Those searches access databases that often report incomplete and inaccurate information. We verify our data at the county level and are fully FCRA compliant. Even if you don't use us never use the instant online searches for hiring or rental decisions. In fact, those sites even say in a disclaimer at the bottom that they are not a consumer reporting agency, not FCRA compliant, and the information they report should not be used to make hiring decisions.

Absolutely! Misstatements on an application are grounds for dismissal of an employee or denying an applicant. In fact, if you hire a dangerous or unqualified person into a position where they could harm others, and a reasonable inquiry would have revealed that information, you can be held liable for the employee’s acts.

Many searches come back instantly and some applicants can be cleared the same day they are entered. About 90% of our county criminal record searches are returned to our clients within two business days. The remaining 10% can vary from 72 hours to several weeks depending on the states, jurisdictions searched, and availability of records.

Estimating cost is difficult because we do not have predetermined packages. Every screening package is specifically designed for each individual client in order to keep their costs down and limit the searches to those they specifically need. On average a background check package price is around $35 per applicant for standard searches.

Yes, clients enter an applicant's information on a secure, easy to use platform. This platform is used to enter applicants to be checked as well as view the results of a background check.

We have clients all over the country. We provide nationwide background checks and drug testing services so we can help no matter where you are.

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