Getting your hiring practices in order for the New Year

  • 1/3/2016
  • Kevin Rosenquist
Getting your hiring practices in order for the New Year image
When a new year begins most of us vow to make changes; our New Years’ resolutions to get back on track or go after that dream we’ve been thinking about possibly considering chasing for the past few years. Many of us come back to work on January 2nd ready to make some professional changes as well. Perhaps yours is to take a look at your hiring process and ensure everything is being done correctly and efficiently. Anyone out there fall into this category? Anyone? Bueller?

In case you are looking at your hiring process as part of your professional New Years’ resolution here are a few background screening tips for HR professionals and business owners.


Are your applicant authorization and disclosure forms up to date and in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act? Not sure? Have them reviewed by your counsel or your screening provider. (Pro Tip: Screening providers are generally cheaper than lawyers. You’re welcome.)

Are your applicants filling out the forms completely? Are your managers or HR staff members giving the proper paperwork to the applicants and getting them back filled out completely and correctly? Do they understand the screening process? It’s one thing to know the process required in screening but it’s another to understand the reasons and policies behind the process. Managers who understand the screening process and FCRA requirements are more likely to not make mistakes than someone who is simply checking a box off. Maybe 2017 is a good time to have your screening provider give a phone or in person training session for your staff. We offer that free of charge. Check with your provider and see if they offer that as well.

Are there things you need to be screening for but aren’t? Are you screening for things you don’t need? Many screening companies sign people up for standard packages. If you need to screen for things you aren’t getting or if you are screening for things you don’t need then it’s time to contact your screening provider to see about getting customized packages. There is no need to pay for searches you no longer want or need.

Ban the Box Laws
It’s very important to be up to date with your state’s Ban the Box laws. If you aren’t familiar with the movement, Ban the Box hopes to completely wipe out the question on an applicant “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” Check out for a listing of states who have adopted the law. We encourage everyone to take that question off their applicants as the trend seems to be heading towards making it a federal law. But for now, keep up on what your state is doing.

We will continue to keep you up to date on news and changes to screening laws. So stay tuned to our blog for continued updates. Happy New Year, everyone!