‘Conditional employment’ rules may change for some industries down the road

  • 2/8/2016
  • Kevin Rosenquist
‘Conditional employment’ rules may change for some industries down the road image
Hoon-Yung Hopgood, a state Senator from Michigan, recently introduced Bills that would close what he calls loopholes in the home health care industry. Currently, home health care workers are allowed to start work before their background check is completed.

This is a common practice for many employers especially in states that require companies to offer the position to an applicant before they run the background check on them. Policies like these can extend the hiring process for small businesses who many times need to hire people right away. I hired people at my last job and when we needed a new employee it was because someone else left, often with little or no notice. Many employers hire people conditionally so they can at least get them started working or training so as not to delay the process further.

Hopgood’s concerns make sense. You would want to ensure someone is not dangerous before they enter your home. But the question becomes what industries should be held to this and who chooses them? Home health care workers and nannies seem like no brainers. But what about inspectors or contractors? How about delivery people? My wife and I are having a washer and dryer delivered and installed. Should those guys need to have completed background checks before they are allowed in people’s homes? If so then the list would keep going: cable TV installers, someone quoting a security system, basically anyone allowed in your home.

It’s an intriguing debate not because I think anyone would disagree with a home health care worker needing a background check but because the line of separation would be difficult to draw. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes from here. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated.