Active Security

PDA Investigations takes the security of its data and workflow very seriously. We have undertaken and completed an ambitious security protocol that includes:

  • FISMA compliance
  • 5c Security Clearance for all members of the PDA Investigations staff
  • Secure SFTP/VPN transmissions
  • Completely secure background screening platform
  • Encrypted and secured proprietary AR platform
  • A staff that is completely background checked at hire and continuously
  • A robust and live System Security Plan
  • Ongoing third party audit schedule
  • Disaster Recovery Plan rehearsals
  • Secured server room under constant camera monitoring
  • Badged employee access based on “least access remove” policy
  • Data is encrypted/redacted on our servers
  • Twice daily local and remote encrypted backups

We are a fully secure environment!

Ongoing Efforts

Ongoing Efforts imageWe also understand that system security is an ongoing challenge so we continually monitor our assets to ensure that data entrusted to us is secured in transmission and at rest. Our facility is monitored around the clock to control access, environmental conditions, and power flow. Finally, we are constantly updating and refining our policies to meet the challenges presented by those who would do harm to our system, both internally and externally.

Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed